Chair of Corporate Finance

Prof. Dr. Andrej Gill


Corporate Finance studies the way businesses (should) make their financial decisions. It covers the investment choices, assessment of the right mix of debt and equity to finance the firm’s operations and the decision of when and how to return cash to the owners of the business. Along the way, firms may contemplate acquiring another business, be the target of an acquisition, list or de-list securities on capital markets etc.  Corporate Finance is about how to deal with these decisions in order to create a maximum value for the owners of the business – be they the manager-owners of a small handicraft business or the shareholders of a large conglomerate whose business operations stretch over several countries.

Since Corporate Finance is primarily concerned with optimal decision making, the shaping of incentives for those who manage the business plays a major role. Applying microeconomic tools to create a beneficial corporate governance structure for a business is hence an essential part of the Chair’s work both in teaching and research as well as in advisory activity.

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